Story of Hartnell Coolheat

Hartnell Coolheat history

In 1980 brothers Chris and Phil Hartnell recognized a unique opportunity to establish an engineering company with a specialization in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and heat recovery systems. The idea was to specialize in both commercial and residential markets within the greater Canterbury area. At the time there was little offered to the public in the way of quality, service-orientated climate control installation. The formation of Hartnell Coolheat provided this service.

Our story

The company has gone from strength to strength in the following decades, growing from a relatively small family business to a 30-strong workforce with extensive capability in both high-end architectural residential along with a wide range of commercial climate control projects.

The company aims to understand their client’s needs for detailed, clear information across a sometimes complicated process.

From the very outset the company policy was to only undertake projects that would guarantee the clients complete satisfaction without unduly compromises.

This approach helped win new clients and guaranteed repeat business from existing clients. From the beginning the company had its own in-house design team and dedicated installation and service teams.

In 2006 the company solidified this presence with the purchasing of Nutemp Heating in Rangiora. Now, Hartnell Coolheat North Canterbury offers the same high standard of service as the city office, from the start to the finish. Since 1980 there has been a marked increase in competition in the market. But little has changed in the mindset of Hartnell Coolheat.

2008 saw Phil Hartnell leave the company for other pursuits leaving Chris at the Hartnell helm. With the same dedication to client expectation and satisfaction as always Chris expanded again and formed a sheet metal division. This enabled the company to manufacture in house bespoke ducting for the specialized projects being undertaken.

The Canterbury earthquake of 2010 / 2011 caused major disruptions and upheaval for Hartnell Coolheat. With a number of staff out of their homes, the company was also forced to vacate their building pending structural re-entry approval. The team pulled together and for a number of weeks and worked out of their homes and garages. They then spent a number of months in portable buildings in their car park and anywhere they could find space while the building was repaired.

During this period the company had extensive involvement in the Earthquake Recovery Program (EQP) whereby a heat pump was to be installed if the chimney was not to be rebuilt.

The company is also a foundation member of the CCCA (Climate Controls Companies Association) previously known as RACCA (Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Companies Association).