Hartnell Coolheat brings the best value for money on home ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, heat pump and underfloor hydronic systems in Canterbury region.

Our friendly team will you to select the right system for your home. We are proud dealers of Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Temperzone, Remak, Polarenergi and therefore we can aways offer the best price & service.

Hi-Wall Heat Pump System

The Hi-wall heat pump system is suitable for single or multiple rooms throughout your home using a multi unit system. Hi-wall units are most common and cost effective option to heat and cool your home.

Our wall models range in capacity from 3.5 kW for small areas (e.g. bedrooms) up to the larger 10 kW models for open plan areas and higher ceiling rooms.

These units mount at a high level (generally 2m above floor) on a wall. All feature downward direction louvers, most important in ensuring heat reaches the floor. We are proud dealer of all main brands – Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic & Hitachi.

Floor Mounted Heat Pump System

Like the hi-wall heat pump, floor units are also available as single or multiple room units throughout your home using a multi unit system.

Our most popular domestic seller is the floor/wall semi-recessed range. While these are available in 3.5 – 8.2 kW capacity this range is currently being expanded to larger capacity models.

Floor models are generally designed to mount just above the skirting board. On homes being built or renovated they can be semi-recessed into the wall to give the unit a “built in” appearance. With a low-level outlet grille these units are excellent for heating and, unlike the high wall range, require no assistance to reach the filter for cleaning.

Cassette Heat Pump System

Cassette heat pumps are ideal where limited wall or floor space is available to site a hi-wall or floor unit. With the bulk of the unit recessed in the ceiling they are discrete and quiet and operation.

Ducted and Bulkhead Heat pump systems

This range is growing in popularity. Once you have experienced a ducted in-built system you won’t want to consider anything else for your heating and cooling comfort. Indoor units can be concealed in the ceiling cavity, bulkheads or garage, while supply and return air ducts can be concealed in walls, ceilings, bookcases or built into furniture with inlet and outlet grilles on the face.

The capacity for these models starts at 5 kW and goes up to 18 kW- and are the ultimate in quite, discrete heating and cooling.

Hot Water Heat Pump Systems (Underfloor & Potable water)

Our range of Underfloor Heating and Hot Water Heating heat pumps can provide heating of hot water for both underfloor, wall radiators or potable water cylinders. With extremely good energy efficiencies these systems work particularly well in underfloor situations and should be seriously considered when building. Often the same size heat pump can also provide your potable hot water needs when coupled to our optional hot water cylinder. The system comprises an outdoor unit which couples to an indoor hydro box and valve panel or to the optional hot water cylinder. Both of these can easily be accommodated in the garage or laundry areas.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Energy recovery ventilation system (HRU) is a system that allows the recovery of heat of exhausted air from a home to preheat the incoming outside air. These systems are ideal for ensuring good indoor air quality as well as keeping indoor condensation levels low in winter.