We offer more than just installations. We are design engineers with extensive experience in Building Services.

Our qualified team is able to design any system in accordance with NZ Building Code or any relevant legislation.

How can we assist with your Building Services Requirements?

  • IQP Inspections of HVAC systems
  • Air Flow and Pressure Measurements
  • Building Consent Documents
  • Producer Statements for Design & Installation of HVAC systems
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Consultancy advice

When only the “very best” service is required call:

Hartnell Coolheat, 36 Brisbane Street, Sydenham on 03 3663952 or 18 Albert Street, Rangiora – Telephone 03 3138014

Give us a call or come into our showroom for a one on one chat as to how Hartnell Coolheat can make life easy for you.