We offer design-built solutions for a wide range of commercial applications.

Every commercial industry has specific requirements for quality of indoor environment. We are working closely with our clients to meet their requirements and find the best solution for given application.

Office buildings

It is crucial to provide favorable working and living conditions in commercial buildings, where some people spend almost half of their day. Properly designed and installed air-conditioning and ventilation system will have a positive impact on the well-being and concentration of workers, which is of exceptional importance. A good climate in business premises is literally ”visible”, as it positively affects.

Restaurants & Kitchens

Kitchen hood extraction and make-up air systems, together with cooling are essential for every commercial kitchen. Kitchen ventilation should be well-synchronized with other technologies in the kitchen. The right selection of kitchen hoods can bring significant cost savings and eliminate possible draft issues within the kitchen. It should also be planned how legionella can be prevented by means of kitchen ventilation. Since kitchen air is much more greasy, the filters should be cleaned regularly.

Pools & Spas

Swimming pool ventilation and air-conditioning should work seamlessly in the background and offer occupants the perfect type of relaxation, while optimizing the costs of swimming pool operation. From a technical perspective, an intelligent air-conditioning technology with strong de-humidification capacity and a high rate of energy recovery should be provided. This is important in order to assure a strategic lowering of operating costs, while dehumidification of spaces can effectively prevent glass from fogging.

Air exchange should also be observed in swimming pool air-conditioning; water from the pool releases chlorine oxide, which can, in excessive amounts, harmfully affect the respiratory tract and even cause permanent damage. The air is also filled with microparticles, which can facilitate the growth of mould – this can be prevented by air ventilation and swimming hall construction physics. Therefore, the reliability of the energy system carries a significant importance.

We also offer hot water heat pump systems for heating of pool water.

Retirement Villages & Hotels

Retirement Villages & Hotels ventilation should be regarded as part of an integral hotel energy solution. The requirements of individual rooms must be carefully examined (reception, kitchen, dining room, swimming pool and hotel rooms) and the ventilation, heating and cooling requirements of the Retirement Village/ hotel precisely calculated. The key factor is that the hotel energy should not be over-dimensioned, as this can unnecessarily generate a (too) high investment and monthly costs for the operator/owner. It is also important not to under-dimension the energy, as this can reduce room comfort. This can cause room conditions to become either too hot during summer or too cold during winter, or failure to supply fresh air into the rooms. All this affects the satisfaction of guests and impacts their evaluation as well as their decision whether to return to the hotel or choose a different one.

Cinemas & Theaters

Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning for Cinemas & Theaters are essential and quite often very challenging. Its absolutely critical to select the right mechanical equipment and secure a quiet and comfortable indoor environment for occupants.

Schools & Convention Centres

School ventilation requires a high and constant rate of air exchange, in order to provide sufficient amounts of fresh air to the children at the time of their development; the air must be well-filtered and must not contain mites or bacteria, which can promote allergies. The CO2 content should also be controlled, as this allows us to constantly supply the room with fresh air, which ensures optimal concentration, prevents headaches and fatigue. And at the same time it saves energy!

Educational insitutions have many different needs: in addition to classrooms and lecture halls, the school cafeteria, kitchen, gym, laboratories, server rooms, etc. should also be considered. All of this requires a well-designed and harmonised energy concept, comprised of several different devices that provide the best conditions for the lowest operating costs.

Last but not least, the correct distribution of air in kindergartens and schools is also of great importance, as it can prevent the air from blowing directly on the children and teachers, which can cause headaches or colds. Children and adolescents are particularly sensitive to the latter.

Specialized Applications

We offer engineering services for any commercial applications. We have large experience in providing custom mechanical systems for Clear rooms (Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Dairy Industry, Laboratories, et­c.).