Hot Water Heat Pump Systems (Underfloor & Potable water)

Our range of Underfloor Heating and Hot Water Heating heat pumps can provide heating of hot water for both underfloor, wall radiators or potable water cylinders.

With extremely good energy efficiencies these systems work particularly well in underfloor situations and should be seriously considered when building. Often the same size heat pump can also provide your potable hot water needs when coupled to our optional hot water cylinder.

The system comprises an outdoor unit which couples to an indoor hydro box and valve panel or to the optional hot water cylinder. Both of these can easily be accommodated in the garage or laundry areas.

Heat is extracted from the outside air to heat the water in the hydro-box which then pumps it to either the underfloor system or hot water cylinder.

The secret to any good underfloor system is the spacing of the water tubes in the floor. At Hartnell Coolheat we always base our design on 150mm centres. Whilst wider spacings are possible it has been our experience that whilst reducing the price the wider spacings do not offer the same effective heating as the closer spacing does.

Further adaptations allows this system to couple to a ducted indoor unit to not only provide winter heating but also summer cooling.

This is truly a universal heating system.

Atlantic Hot Water Heat Pumps

We are now Dealers for the French made range of Atlantic Hot Water Heat Pumps for heating of potable water. These are a self-contained 270 litre unit comprising tank & heat pump in one neat package. They can be installed in laundry or garage and are complete with exterior wall venting kit. Not only can they heat your hot water @ a fraction of the price of a normal electric cylinder but also provide extraction ventilation of the space they are located in.