Heat Recovery Ventilation systems (HRU or HRV) and Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Basic description of Heat Recovery System:

HRU Systems are designed for both energy saving and improving indoor air quality. Using air-to-air heat exchangers, they are able to work with a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

These Heat exchangers can be used in conjunction with Air Conditioning / Heating systems archiving efficiencies of up to 85% when transferring heat from exhausted air to incoming outside air.

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We offer a range of mechanical ventilation solutions for your requirements.

On both commercial and residential projects bathroom, toilet, laundry and kitchen are key areas requiring ventilation. This is becoming more frequent in recent times as many new buildings, especially in the commercial sector, are now constructed with fixed window placement. With this design feature there are a number of different regulations to take into account within the New Zealand Building Code.

With ductwork, fans and filtration systems fresh air can be transferred, smells can be extracted and heat can be moved from one area to another. A well-ducted ventilation system is therefore paramount in providing a comfortable and healthy interior environment.